How to find the perfect builder for you.


Make sure the builder has experience in the type of home improvement you want. Building types vary greatly and it makes no sense to use a builder specialising in wood to create modern home.

Finding the perfect builder makes a big difference to a project.

Get a list of previous projects so you can check what they have done in the past.



Check the references of the potential builder. Past customers are an ideal way to determine if they'll do a good job.



Make sure they are financially sound. You don’t want your contractor going bankrupt mid project, leaving you with having to find someone to complete the project at a much greater price.



Find out when they will be able to start the project and the estimated time of completion.



Get everything in writing - especially the warranty. Ensure the warranty is comprehensive and will cover all aspects of faulty construction for a period of time.



You will spend a lot of time with the builder you choose, so be sure you are comfortable interacting with them. We are here to help so why not just give us a try with a small job?

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